Fuck. Where do I begin? Who am I?

My story is a strange one. I was a music and film nerd growing up and always wanted to be a singer, but found myself caught up in a very dry Law degree for three years, at a very conservative and traditional University in England, where I spent some of the darkest years of my life trying to get by.


What followed was a complete rebellion and exploration of art - I wanted to make music and be a singer, and I tried in vain for nearly 10 years but epically failed and ended up on my parents sofa and broke. I actually wrote extensively about this weird period of my life on medium if you're curious: 


Then in a strange twist of fate, my entire life crashed even more over lockdown. I lost my income, had to leave my family home and dealt with some pretty excruciating personal and professional losses. I currently find myself writing from a balcony in room share in Hampstead, to me one of the most beautiful boroughs of London, and I need a place I can collect my thoughts, a diary that acts as a best friend - a little window box to regrow the seeds i'm left with in life, to help me rebuild after a turbulent lockdown cleared everything away.

To be honest, i'm not sure what I want this space to be used for. I thought for a while about branding and defining this space - do I want to present an escapism into exotic travel? Do I want to paint a picture of a dream life, or do I want to spill all my messy, chaotic colours on this wall? Am I talking to my best friend, a future employer - or, no one?

The truth is, i've been overthinking a lot recently, and I just want this space to 'be'. A place where I can share things that inspire me, a seat at the dinner table with my best friends where I can try and sort out my own, crazy thoughts and hopefully leave you either laughing or at least entertained. I've been a bit of a drifter and nomad for a few years, so let's just call this place, wherever it is and whatever wallpaper we give it - HOME.

Enjoy your stay